It's our Mindset,what distinguishes us from the Rest

We help you build great Software

You have an idea or a challenge with your existing software environment? We come, sit down with you and listen to you to understand you exactly. Our trained team, with a high level of coding and technology expertise, starts wherever it is needed. We regard knowledge of human nature as crucial to the success of your projects.

We believe in software products that have a true purpose and we know that you need a partner who not only plans, but takes it in hand and implements it quickly, step by step. We develop software products with everything that goes with them, right in the heart of digital Europe – FRANKFURT.

Start the development revolution with us!

Product Management


We help you get the most out of your product development investment by ensuring that your product meets the needs of your business and your customers. We work with you to develop the right product, align teams, and ensure that your product delivers value in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We can help you build products that become indispensable to you.

Product Strategy


We develop strategies with you through cognitive thinking to ensure product success. We bring business, customer and technology perspectives together to develop strategies that ensure your product or portfolio acquires, retains and retains customers. We challenge conventions through lean startup and design thinking methods by analyzing markets, interviewing customers, looking at competitors, and helping define roadmaps that set the course for your success. We can help you with a new innovative product idea or a finished mature product.

User Experience and Design


Understand customer needs to create engaging user experiences. Design encompasses much more than what can be seen on a screen. We understand customer behavior very accurately and help shape it to increase acceptance and customer satisfaction with clean, simple, and innovative user experience designs. At the same time, our team keeps an eye on your business goals and creates experiences that grow your business without slowing your time to market. We design and create experiences that users love.

Product Architecture


We design holistic technical solutions to achieve your goals and help you answer tomorrow’s toughest technology questions. We align your need for rapid time to market with an architecture that adapts to changing business needs. Our perspective has been refined through extensive work with clients ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. We are ready to help you optimize your product to achieve your business goals.

Roadmap to the finished product

UX/UI Concept

UX/UI ConceptBoth the UI and the UX are decisive factors for how a website, a product or an app is perceived by the user and whether it fulfils the intended purpose.


Your user journey begins with the prototype. The functionality can be illustrated or much more. This gives you a first tangible result.


The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) forms the smallest possible product for your target group in the shortest possible time.


We develop your product from the MVP in interactive steps based on feedback and market development.

Scale & Expand

We help you scale and expand so that your customers love your product even more.


We advise you in individual phases or in all phases as you wish.


There is a lot of Talk about Modern Development - we just do it!

We are already dealing with artificial intelligence today. Therefore our ‚New Development Eco-System‘ includes components like UX/UI design, APIs, algorithms, AI, AI and databases. We design and build digital products and ensure that they perform successfully in the use case. We accompany our joint digital projects even after the completion of your project exactly according to your needs.
New Development is an approach to designing, creating and managing applications. This approach increases the flexibility of our team and the reliability, security and scalability of your software. New Development enables us to develop innovative, agile products faster, which makes our customers more satisfied.
Start the Development Revolution with us!

Crucial for a good Product

Faster time to market

Developers can quickly create new functionality using approaches that accelerate the time-to-market cycle and reduce operational overhead. Automated testing and approval processes reduce the error rate so products are ready for market faster.

Increased Innovation

With modular architectures, changes to individual components can be made quickly and with less risk to the entire application. By reducing maintenance, teams also have more time to experiment with new ideas.

More reliable Apps

By automating testing procedures and tests at every stage of the development cycle, modern apps are reliable to deploy. By integrating security and monitoring into the lifecycle and real-time evaluation, applications are built with consistent high performance.

Reduced Costs

Modern applications built with serverless technologies use a pricing model that dramatically reduces costs for many customers. By shifting infrastructure management, you can also reduce overall maintenance costs.